Black & Decker CO85 Spacemaker Review

Black & Decker is one of those companies that have been around for decades. It was established more than 100 years ago and currently has more than 27000 employees.

Some of us can still find their old products in our grandparent’s drawers, and surprisingly they still work like they did 40 years ago. They generate several billions of dollars of revenue every year and they have received numerous awards for their innovations.

The CO85 is one of the best can openersĀ from Spacemaker series and probably one of the most popular under the counter can openers in the world. It can be placed under any cabinet and its structure feels almost unbreakable.

List of Top Features:

  • Saves space and can be mounted under the counter.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Opens all sized cans, including extra tall and big ones.
  • Features knife sharpener and bottle opener as well.

Our Review:

Black & Decker offers many different under cabinet can openers and CO85 is the highest rated product form Spacemaker series. The thing we like most about it, is its practicality because it saves a lot of space and also has other features that are a necessary addition to every kitchen – knife sharpener and bottle opener.

Because it is a top-end product, it comes with a high price, but it’s still about 50% cheaper than the most expensive ones.

Manufacturer claims that it opens any sized can and we couldn’t find any customer testimonial that would prove that wrong.

Consumer reviews and testimonials:

co85We went through hundreds of customer testimonials and reviews and majority of themĀ have rated it very highly.

Some of them like the fact that it isn’t as noisy as some other similar products, and some like its practicality.

A lot has been said about quality of Black&Decker products and many customers have bought CO85 as a replacement after their 20+ years old can openers stopped working.

It’s hard to find any electronic product that works without flaws for 5 years, so Black & Decker is really on a level of its own.


Despite its high price, CO85 Spacemaker is still cheaper than most under the counter tin openers on the market, and it is manufactured by brand that has an established name for quality. Will CO85 also work for more than 20 years? Time will tell.